Plants cookie policy

We only use cookies for our own security systems. These cookies do not track the normal visitor and do not store any of your information, except in these circumstances:

However, we do collect a small amount of data, like most other websites, about our visitors. This is limited to your IP address, the date and time of your visit and the page you are visiting. The principle reasons for this data collection are to ensure that there is no illegal or unfair activity on this website and to review the success of the site. We will never, within the law, share your IP address with any 3rd party, although occasionally anonymised spreads of visitor dates may be shared with relevant parties.

Don't worry:
You can change your IP, often it will change every time you switch off your broadband router,
Cookies can be cleared through your browser's settings panel. Often this is alongside your history,
Cookies can be disabled in the settings of most browsers.